Buying, Selling, or looking to upkeep your property.

Sunny days, heavy rain, sea air, can make for a harsh environment can be tough on buildings.

A property inspection and report is an important step when purchasing or selling any type of building as it will show which areas require work to be done. The results of an inspections could be the difference between buying a property, or walking away from it.

Great for buying outside the region to help buy with confidence.

Our home inspections and reports assess:

  • weather tightness
  • penetration from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and plumbing
  • structural stability
  • health risks
  • insulation and thermal performance
  • general and preventative maintenance that’s needed

Our extensive experience over many years enables us to know where to look and what we’re looking at.

We inspect the foundations, subfloor, cladding, drainage, joinery, roof exterior, spouting and downpipes, attic roof space, insulation, flooring, plumbing and drainage, hot water system and any other items on site like retaining walls, decks, paths and the driveway.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre purchase inspection will give you a fair appraisal of the current condition of a property you may wish to buy. We check building materials and construction techniques as well note the level of maintenance.

Pre Sale Property Inspection

Pre sale inspections are for owners who may not live at the property as well as those who need to know more about the current standard of their house. A pre sale inspection can identify areas where maintenance done first can better the sale outcome. 

Event Inspection

After a large Weather Event, home owners of coastal properties can often be affected. If you have a home that you believe could have been affected we can come and assess the property.

Custom Inspections

Need some maintenance or looking to do an upgrade. As a qualified builder we can advise you.